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Want to know how to build a stable core? Unsure of how to use free weights? Worried you’re not getting enough out of your workouts? Ask one of our Fitness Instructors!

Whether you’re worried about weights, scared of squats or confused by crunches, our fitness team are always on hand to answer your fitness questions and to help you get the most our of your workout. If you've got something you want to know, just ask! There are several ways to #AskAFitnessInstructor...

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Our gyms are manned by our Friendly Fitness Instructor team and they're always happy to answer your questions. Say hello the next time you're in! You can get to know some of them here or read their answers to their most commonly asked fitness questions, including 'Which cardio machine burns the most calories?' and 'How do people in fitness magazines do it?'.

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