COVID-19: Your Questions Answered

We know that you may have some questions about your membership, what your visit will look like and more. Read our FAQ's to find your answer.

What equipment do I need to bring?

Please note, we will no longer be providing certain types of equipment including:

· Yoga/exercise mats

· Yoga blocks

· Tennis/Badminton rackets

· Sports balls

· Shuttle cocks

Please either bring your own or purchase them from our Reception points. Exercise mats will be available for £6, and yoga mats will be available for £18.50.

Can I fill up my water bottle?

Our water fountains will be unavailable during your visit. Please ensure you bring adequate drinking water with you.

Can I bring a sweat towel to the gym?

At this time, we ask that members do no not bring a sweat towel to use in the gym.

Can I use the changing rooms?

The changing/showering facilities will be closed, so please ensure you arrive ready to exercise.

Can I use the toilets?

Limited toilet facilities will be available for essential use only. To use the toilet, you will need to exit the centre from your activity location and re-enter through reception. You may have to queue to get back into the centre.

What do I do with my stuff?

Lockers will not be available during your visit. Please do not bring any unnecessary personal belongings and keep anything you bring with you.

If you are using the gym you can bring coats and small bags, but you will need to carry everything with you and place it next to the item of equipment you are using. This is to prevent trip hazards and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. If you are coming to enjoy a class, you will be able to place coats and small valuables (phones, keys) to the side of the room before you begin.

When will my membership restart? 

Your membership payment will restart from the 8th December, as we can re-open our centres from the 2rd December. You will be able to start using the centres from that date. 

I have cancelled my direct debit as I don’t want to pay until the Leisure centre reopens. Is this a problem?

We would rather you didn’t cancel your direct debit, as this makes managing your membership more challenging and could result in your membership going into debt. If you have cancelled your direct debit, please would you reinstate this instruction with your bank as soon as possible or contact DFC  with your reference number and they will re instate your membership. 

If I pay by direct debit, when will my payment be debited? 

We have written to all members by email or letter to confirm the details of your direct debit payment. Direct debit will be collected from the 8th December. 

If you are on a long-term freeze for medical reasons, your membership will be kept on hold until the original freeze end date. 

Can the Boditrax be booked ?

Yes, the boditrax is now available at the Downs Leisure Centre. To book a scan please email in to or call 01323 490011 and a member of the team will get you booked in. 

How do I become a member? 

To become a member please visit  please visit our memberships page or email . If you want to join as a pre-paid annual member please email or call your local centre and a member of our team will be able to help you

I would like to cancel my membership; how do I do this? 

If you are not ready to come back yet due to Covid-19 we would advise you to keep your membership frozen , which will mean you will not have to pay the joining fee again and you will keep the same contracted membership price when you’re ready to return. If you feel the best option for you is to cancel your membership, please email your request to

I sent a cancellation request while you were closed, what happens now? 

If you have email with a request to cancel whilst we were closed, you will be contacted shortly, if you haven’t been contacted already.