Jenny Copping


Jenny Copping is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor.


"Throughout my fitness journey, I have tried many different styles of training before finding what I enjoy and what works best for me. I believe in a well-rounded approach to fitness and incorporate strength training, cardio, functional and mobility training in my sessions. The most important factor is enjoyment and finding something that makes you feel good.

The biggest difference I have noticed in myself is a change in my mindset and increased confidence – now as a personal trainer I want to use my knowledge to help others to feel their best. Whether you are new to the gym and don’t know where to start, or a more experienced gym user looking for a new challenge, I want to help you to make the progress you want and build sustainable habits to change your lifestyle."





- Level 2 Fitness Instructing

- Level 3 Personal Training



Get in Touch


Jenny is based at Downs Leisure Centre. For enquiries, email or call 07835173061.