Strength & Core Classes

We have a variety of Strength & Core classes in Seaford, Lewes and Peacehaven.

Shape your body and build lean muscle with strength and core training. With equipment such as free weights, kettlebells, barbells or simply using your body weight as resistance, you can improve your overall health while increasing muscle and bone strength.

Please note, some of our strength & core classes are for those aged 14+ and some are for those aged 16+. For all classes, we suggest wearing comfortable clothes and footwear that you can move freely in and bringing along a water bottle. If it's your first time to the class don't worry, our classes are for all abilities so please work at whatever level is right for you. Let the instructor know it's your first time and they will help you get started.

Some of our strength & core classes include other elements of fitness. Use the key below to find the class that's right for you.

Les Mills BodyPump™ 

The ideal workout to get lean and fit - fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition BodyPump gives you an all over workout. With scientifically backed moves, great music and motivating instructors  you'll achieve much more than on your own.

Please bring: appropriate exercise clothes and footwear, mat and water bottle 

Body conditioning 

A varied class combining cardio, resistance and core training. Using a selection of equipment or just your own bodyweight this class will focus on increasing your strength & cardiovascular fitness to give you the ultimate full body workout. 

Please bring: appropriate exercise clothes and footwear, mat and water bottle 

Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates  applies the main principles of Classical Pilates but it also involves more functional movement for every day life.  Fitness Pilates will improve overall body strength with the main emphasis on your back and core muscles. It will also help to improve posture, mobility, joint problems and tone your body. Along with  minimal impact movements this class is great for all abilities. 

Please bring: appropriate exercise clothes and footwear, mat and water bottle 


A total body workout that combines power and strength to build stamina and total body strength using kettlebells. You will lunge, squat, press and swing your way though this class and find out why the kettlebell is an amazing tool to help you reach your fitness goals. It's fab, just get booked in.

Please bring: appropriate exercise clothes and footwear, mat and water bottle 


Power Circuits

Amplify your workout with this full on circuits class that challenges your strength, power, speed & endurance. With varied exercises to test you, this class will really help you find your max!

Please bring: appropriate exercise clothes and footwear, mat and water bottle 

Kettles & Cardio

A fantastic class combining elements of strength and cardio using kettlebells and body weight. Get stronger and fitter with this versatile class that is challenging but also lots of fun. Perfect for all abilities.

Please bring: appropriate exercise clothes & footwear, mat and water bottle. 16+

Seated Fitness

Ideal for those individuals unable to stand for 45 mins, seated fitness gives you the support of a chair during the class. Focusing on exercises that improve strength, mobility and confidence all done to great music, it’s the perfect combination of fun and fitness.

Please bring: appropriate exercise clothes & footwear and water bottle. 16+

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If you aren't a member, please contact the site you would like to book a class at to book your space. 

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Class information

However you would like to get active, Wave has a fantastic variety of Group Exercise classes suitable for everyone. We've put our classes into six categories of focus; Cardio, Dance, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Holistic, Strength & Core and Water Based.