Outdoor Group Exercise Classes


We are pleased to announce a brand-new range of outdoor group classes. Running at Downs Leisure Centre, Lewes Leisure Centre and East Grinstead Sports Club members and pay-as-you go customers can get involved from 12th April.

There will be a wide range of group exercises available led by our team of fitness professionals. From Body Conditioning and Tai Chi to Zumba and Power Circuits, there’s something for everyone.

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Download the weekly timetables here:

Downs Leisure Centre - Outdoor Group Exercise Timetable

East Grinstead Sports Club - Outdoor Group Exercise Timetable

Lewes Leisure Centre - Outdoor Group Exercise Timetable


For more information about what each class entails, see below for a list of class descriptions:

Body Conditioning

A full body workout combining resistance, core, and cardio to get an all over body workout - a great way to start your day.

Active Age

For the older person, an all-inclusive low impact class hitting all the major muscle groups to help improve strength and cardiovascular fitness and most importantly have fun.

Body Bootcamp

This full-on body bootcamp is fun and varied to ensure you get an all over body workout - combining cardio, with strength and core work you will leave feeling super energised.

Cardio Club

Let’s get sweaty with this high energy cardio workout– burn calories, improve your fitness and leave feeling fantastic.

Power Circuits

Amplify your workout with this full-on circuits class that challenges your strength, power, endurance, and speed. This class will really help you find your max.

LM Body Combat

Mixed martial arts inspired workout that gives you an all over body workout to amazing music. You will leave feeling ready to take on the world.


Lunges, squat and swing your way through this awesome class. Build strength, power, and get fitter using this versatile piece of equipment. 

Body Tone

This Low impact class is ideal for beginners – using light weights to target all the major muscle groups of the body it’s the perfect way to start your fitness journey.

Fitness Pilates

Improve posture, balance, and overall body strength for everyday life with this low impact class suitable for all levels.

Grit Strength

This high intensity interval training class is fun, fast, and furious. Designed to take you to your max and beyond using barbells and plates to blast all your major muscle groups. Get ready to work.

LM Core

Focusing on abs, back, glutes and legs this is the ultimate core workout. Using resistance bands and plates to build a stronger you for everyday life.

Functioning Fit

Using functional movement patterns that mimic everyday life, this varied class will have you swinging, slamming, and chopping your way to a stronger body whilst also increasing your cardiovascular fitness.


A fusion of Latin and international music combined with fun and easy to follow routines. Dance and smile your way to fitness with this fun and funky dance class.

Tai Chi

This relaxing martial art reduces stress, improves posture, balance, and mobility combined with breathing techniques to leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed.

What to wear

You can safely exercise outdoors if you dress appropriately. Dressing in layers is ideal, to stay warm and cool down, depending on the weather. It’s best to avoid 100% cotton garments close to the skin as these stick to you and reduce insulation. Additionally, we’d recommend protecting your hands with gloves and you should wear your regular workout trainers for comfort and support.


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