Active Age

Active Age Group exercise is specifically programmed for the older adult.

Keeping active gives us the best chance of living a longer, healthier, and happier lifestyle and its never to late to try something new, like a group exercise class.

Movement and exercise is the best way to keep you body mobile and strong and as we get older our bodies change and so we may need to adapt to find what suits us best.  Whether that is building strength or choosing low impact or bodyweight exercises there is something for everyone.

More classes are coming soon!

With a variety of classes available to suit all abilities not only will you have fun, feel good but also meet new people

Here at Wave, we offer:

Body Conditioning

A varied class combining cardio, resistance and core training. Using a selection of equipment or just your own bodyweight this class will focus on increasing your strength & cardiovascular fitness to give you the ultimate full body workout. 

Please bring: appropriate exercise clothes & footwear, mat and water bottle 

Tai Chi

An ancient Chinese martial art and exercise system, Tai Chi Wudang benefits both health & fitness. With options to integrate swords, this wonderfully invigorating session will leave you feeling composed, refreshed and centred.

Please bring: appropriate exercise clothes & footwear and water bottle 

Seated Fitness 

Ideal for those individuals unable to stand for 45 mins, seated fitness gives you the support of a chair during the class. Focusing on exercises that improve strength, mobility and confidence all done to great music, it’s the perfect combination of fun and movement 

Please bring: appropriate exercise clothes & footwear and water bottle 

Ready to Book?

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If you aren't a member, please contact the site you would like to book a class at to book your space. 

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