Going Swimming

Visiting the pool will look a little different than you are used to. Take a look at what you can expect when you dive in!

Welcome back to swimming! Watch our brand new walkthrough video to see what your visit will look like...

Your visit to our swimming pools

Before your Activity

  • All swimming activities will need to be pre-booked, even if you are a pay as you go customer. This can be done via the Website, on the Wave App or by phoning the centres
  • There are different options when booking, such as fast lane, medium lane, slow lane and family bubble swim shallow end, medium and deep end. If you require ladder access to the pool, please book a corner area (shallow or deep)
  • All of these areas will be clearly marked once you enter the pool area for you to go to the correct section
  • Before coming for a swim, we encourage our swimmers to have a pre-swim shower at home. Please keep your personal belongings to a minimum
  • Arrive for your swim ‘Beach Ready’ – Beach Ready means arriving wearing your swimming costume under your clothes, so you can quickly take off your clothes without using a cubicle once at the centre

Arriving at the Centre

  • Once you are through reception, please proceed directly to the changing area
  • There will be a one-way route operating through the centre. Please follow this to avoid unnecessary contact with others
  • No changing rooms will be available on the way in for your swim, as you will be ‘Beach Ready’
  • No lockers will be available, please take your bag with all your belongings in onto poolside, where we will have hooks/designated bag areas
  • Toilets are available for essential use only

Enjoying Swimming at Wave

  • Please sanitise your hands before entering the changing room area
  • Observe social distancing while queuing for and moving around in centre
  • Once inside, follow the arrows for direction of travel. Remove your clothing and put all belongings into a bag and take on poolside with you
  • There will be hooks/designated areas to store your bags on poolside
  • If you are at a Family Bubble session, your exclusive pool area will be clearly marked.
  • If you wish to use equipment such as floats, you need to bring these with you. Equipment can be purchased at reception

After your Swim

  • Limited showering is available after swim sessions, apart from Swim School. Two showers will be available. We would like customers to shower as promptly as possible to avoid queues building up. Please ensure you maintain 2m distance and don’t cross over with another customer while in the shower.
  • At the end of your swim, take your belongings into a cubicle and get changed and exit as quickly as possible
  • There will be limited changing space, so if you are with your family, make use of family changing rooms
  • Once changed, please leave by the exit as indicated by the directional arrows. Do not go back through the centre

Pool Etiquette

 To ensure everyone enjoys lane swimming, here are some guidelines to get the most out of your time in the pool:

  • Swim in a lane appropriate to your swimming ability/speed. Slow, Medium or Fast are available
  • Please follow the direction of the lane boards and swim in single file. This will help to prevent accidents and ensure participants can maintain a safe social distance
  • Allow faster swimmers to pass you at the end of each length. Move to the edge of the lane and turn your head away
  • If you are continually being passed please consider moving to a slower lane
  • If you need to take a rest, please exit the pool and stand no the side
  • If using equipment such as kick boards or pull buoys, consider moving to a slower lane temporarily so you do not hinder others swimming full strokes
  • Lifeguards are here for everyone’s safety. If they ask you to adhere to the above guidance, your cooperation would be appreciated

These guidelines for enjoying swimming at Wave and are in addition to our general visit guidelines. Our general visit guidelines include your arrival, reception, facilities and more. Take a look at those before you travel to make sure you know how to keep yourself and others safe and enjoy your visit.