Workouts and tips from our Fitness Teams

Don't know where to start? Why not try one of the workouts below, or take a look at some tips from our Fitness Team.

Why is the Core so Important?

Looking to improve your core but getting confused by all the information out there? Core exercises are so much more than sit ups and planks, and the benefits are far greater than a 6 pack! Personal Trainer Harry tells us why the core is so important and gives some workout inspiration in his blog. Read it here.

What would you ask a Fitness Instructor?

As fitness professionals, our Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers are asked questions on a range of subjects on a daily basis. In our blog they answer their most commonly asked questions, such as; How do the people in fitness magazines do it? How many times should I come to the gym to see results? and more. Read it now.

Looking for online workouts to do at home?

Looking for at home workouts? Les Mills on Demand are letting our members access their service for FREE for a limited time. If you're a member and would liek to access this service, please email us with your membership number at