Your Questions Answered: Memberships

When will my membership restart?

Your membership can be used to access centres from our opening date on 25th July 2020.

On 1st August all direct debit payments (except swim only memberships) will be switched back on and begin being collected on your usual direct debit date.

I have a question about my membership, who do I contact?

Please email you enquiry to or Please bear with us if response times are a little slow as we are hard at working bringing centres back and still operating on reduced staffing levels.

I have cancelled my membership, can I re-join ?

We are aware that some members may have cancelled their direct debit with the bank or via DFC finance team. You can re-join by simply visiting our memberships page. Once you’ve rejoined and you’re ready to jump in, follow our guide to download the Wave Leisure app and set up your online booking account, which you can use to book your favourite classes and gym sessions.

I have a Max annual pre-paid membership; will my membership be extended?

Yes, all pre-paid membership will be extended for the length of time the leisure centres were closed, which is 4 months. Therefore, if your annual contract was due to be renewed in July, this will now be November.

If I pay by direct debit, when will my payment be debited?

We have written to all members by email or post to confirm the details of direct debits re-starting. These will restart from August 1st, with your payment day remaining the same as it was pre-lockdown.

If you are on a long-term freeze for medical reasons, your membership will be kept on hold until the original freeze end date.

I have paid for PT sessions; can I still use my sessions?

We are currently reviewing personal training procedures to ensure that when we bring sessions back, they are happening in the safest environment possible and that all social distancing guidelines can be adhered to. We’ll update the website as and when we have further information.

I am not ready to return to the gym yet, what are my options.

We will be offering all members to continue freezing membership subject to our terms and conditions. Annual members should email to discuss.

For direct debit members, you can access your online DFC account and follow the options to freeze for a maximum of 3 months here.

I would like to cancel my membership; how do I do this?

We’re confident we’ve made all of the changes necessary to keep you safe in our centres, but we also understand that for many reasons some members may not wish to return. In the first instance we would recommend extending your freeze (as above) as this will mean you don’t need to pay a new joining fee if you decide to come back at a later date.

If you still feel that cancelling is the best option for you, we’ll be sad to see you go but you can do so by contacting DFC as per your membership terms and conditions. For annual members, please get in touch with

I sent a cancellation request while you were closed, what happens now?

If you have emailed with a request to cancel whilst we were closed or have made contact with DFC as per your membership terms and conditions, you will be contacted shortly with confirmation that your membership have been cancelled.

If you want to check the status of your membership and you pay by direct debit, you can check this on your DFC membership account here.

I am over 70, can I still come in?

If you are not shielding at home, you are more than welcome to come and use your local centre. Please visit the online booking website or app to start booking in your gym/classes. Alternatively, you can extend your frozen membership by heading here.

Will all the Wave Leisure centres be open?

Please see our phased opening plan to check if your centre will be open.

Please check your membership package on what facilities are included.

I have a swim only membership, what will happen to my direct debit payments?

Your membership will be kept frozen until we re-open the swimming pools. If you’re keen to get active whilst pools are closed, you can upgrade your membership to include unlimited gym and classes by emailing

Can I bring a friend using a free day pass?

No, unfortunately day passes won’t be accepted for the time being.

Can I use my fit family membership?

Not at the moment, unfortunately no pay as go activities are available. As soon as we can provide these services, we will let you know. Please keep yourself updated via our website