Your Questions Answered: Reopening Centres

When will Wave reopen?

Wave sites that sit within Phase 1 will be opening on 25th July. Find out more about our phased reopening and find links to centre information, including opening times here.

Will all sites reopen?

Not all sites will reopen at the same time. Find out more about our phased reopening plan here.

Phase 1 sites will beĀ opening on 25th July. These are:

Why aren't swimming pools opening?

It is our intention to open swimming pools but not during the first phase. There are significant implications associated with operating swimming pools and although we know we can operate the pools safely, we want to bring swimming back when we can maximise participation levels.

We will continue to review the situation and look forward to welcoming you back at the most appropriate time.

Swim school memberships will remain frozen until our pools are ready to re-open.