Natalia Molska

Natalia Molska


Mindset is the key to the success and I believe determination makes you unique and powerful. I believe that mind & body are one, we cannot distinguish only one part.

Functionality, stability and mobility are my greatest interests. Imbalances within the mind and body (posture) could be improved by a holistic approach - if you heal your perception of yourself and the world components then your body will become stronger as well.

Health and wellbeing on daily basis are crucial concepts, which I feel strongly about. I feel that taking care of yourself will make you stronger person to fight the odds in life. My interests lay with helping people, who are READY to change their lifestyle and become a healthier, happier version of themselves.

Functional training
Mobility patterns
Stability and proprioception
Balance - mind and body principles
Holistic approach to health and wellbeing

L3 Advanced Diploma in Personal Training
L2 Diploma Gym Instructor
BSc Psychology

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Lewes Leisure CentreDowns Leisure Centre

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Lewes Leisure Centre - 01273 486000
Downs Leisure Centre - 01323 490011