Wave Swim School Stage 1-7

Swimming lessons for school aged children in Newhaven, Seaford, Ringmer and Lewes. 

Is your child ready to dive into swimming lessons? The Swim England Learn to Swim Framework (Learn to Swim Stages 1 - 7) is part of the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme. The all inclusive programme which takes the non-swimmer from his or her first splash to developing confidence and competence in the water.

Stages 1-7 are suitable for school-age children with no previous swimming experience. If your child has had swimming lessons before, they may join Wave Swim School at a higher stage. Babies and children under 5 will love our Ducklings programme.

girl in a pink hat diving underwater

Stage 1

This stage is for children who are in full time education and have no previous swimming experience. It will teach confidence and independence in the water and, once completed, your child will be awarded the Swim England Learn to Swim Stage 1 Award.

a boy swimming with a floatation device

Stage 2

This stage is for children who have completed Stage 1, or have confidence going underwater and can independently float on front and back and regain a standing position.  It will help develop independence, water confidence and teach children to be able to swim five metres on both their front and their back.

group of children at edge of swimming pool in a lesson

Stage 3

If your child can swim five metres on their front and back unaided, then they’ll need to enrol in our Stage 3 lessons. Here, they’ll be taught towards the end goal of being able to swim unaided for 10m on both their front and back. They’ll be supported on this journey by being introduced to aquatic breathing and different types of aquatic mobility.

group of children listening to swimming teacher

Stage 4

For slightly more advanced children, stage four teaches your child some of the basic swimming techniques, including treading water and swimming underwater. Your child will be working towards being able to swim 20m unaided on their front and back.

young boy standing at the edge of a swimming pool

Stage 5

Once your child can swim 20m on their front and back, then it’s time they enrol in the fifth stage of our learn-to-swim programme. As well as working towards being able to swim 25m on their front and back, this stage will begin to develop your child’s stroke technique to a higher standard, making them even more confident in the water. 

children smiling underwater

Stage 6

This stage of our children’s swimming lesson programme is where stroke technique begins to be more solidly implemented into the programme. During this stage, your child will learn to swim 100m both in back stroke and front crawl as well as beginning to get a greater understanding of breaststroke and butterfly.  

girls in a swimming pool smiling

Stage 7

After stage 6, this class is open to your child if they can competently swim 100 metres and demonstrating three different strokes. At this stage of the kid’s swimming lessons programme, we’ll start introducing your child to touch turns, while we’ll also try and improve their ability in butterfly and increase the distance they can swim to 200 metres.