Your questions answered: Wave Swim School

During your lesson

Can I come and watch my child during their lessons? I come straight from school or have other children with me. Can they watch?

Sadly, no spectators can stay and watch swimming lessons, including parents and siblings. We will not have the space available to allow spectators and still maintain social distancing from activities taking place at the same time.

You will need to leave the centre once you have got your child ready for their lesson and return to collect your child at the end of their lesson.

Why can’t we use the balcony at Seahaven Swim and Fitness Centre, or the seating area at Lewes Leisure Centre?

These areas will not be available for parents to wait in as we want to promote proper social distancing between activity spaces in our centres. The balcony at Seahaven Swim and Fitness centre will not be available as it functions as the main entrance to the gym. The seating area at Lewes Leisure Centre will not be available as it is used as a class & gym waiting area.

If a parent usually accompanies their child in the pool, will that continue?

Currently, only children in Stage 1 may have a parent accompany them into the water. This is because they may need extra support and the swimming teachers will not be in the water with them. We will not be running any pre-school swimming lessons, where a parent would usually take part.

Can a parent accompany their child to pool side to help them get undressed before the lesson/changed after the lesson?

Children should arrive ‘Beach-Ready’ with their swimming costume on underneath their clothing. All customers going into changing rooms, swimmers or parents, will be asked to wear flip flops, sliders or sandals, i.e. easy on and off footwear.

Parents can take their child to the designated pre-lesson changing area (which will be clearly marked). Parents can help their child get ready for their lesson and put clothing and footwear into their bag. The child will go to the teacher for their lesson and parents will exit through the designated exit door. At the end of the lesson, parents can come back in the front entrance and collect their child from poolside to get changed in changing rooms.

Can I bring siblings into the changing area?

Changing space will be limited and we need to reduce the number of people in centre as much as possible, to promote social distancing. We would greatly appreciate if a single parent could help their children before/after lessons alone, without bringing siblings onto poolside or into changing rooms.

Can my child go swimming while they wait for their lesson to start?

As we must stick to strict session times and cleaning schedules, it will unfortunately not be possible for your child to get into the pool until the start of their lesson

Your Swim School Membership

Does my child still get free swimming outside of their lessons?

Sadly, as there are no junior swim sessions at the moment, we are unable to offer free swimming outside of swimming lessons for your child.

I cannot do the new session time I have been given. Can I change it?

Please contact our Aquatics Coordinator at to discuss your options.

I can only do swimming lessons at Seaford Head Pool. Can I keep their place until it opens again?

Please contact our Aquatics Coordinator at to discuss your options.

I am not ready for my child to come back to lessons. Can I freeze my membership and keep their place?

We do offer the chance to freeze your membership in some circumstances, but we are unable to hold places in specific classes. Please contact our Aquatics Coordinator at to discuss your options.

Cleaning and Safety

How are you keeping your swimming teachers safe?

To protect our swimming teachers, all swimming teachers will teach form the side of the pool and no longer teach from within the water. All swimming teachers will be teaching in a designated section and will not cross over sections on the same day. Swimming equipment will not be shared amongst the swimming teachers, they will have their own equipment for their classes.

How will you clean equipment?

Equipment will that is used within swimming lessons will be submerged in pool water which is chlorinated for a minimum of 30 seconds for disinfecting.

This page will be updated as we get more information. Keep checking back to see the latest updates, or you can email

Direct Debit Payments

Update 15 March 2021

If your last Direct Debit was taken on 1st January. This payment covers lessons that will be delivered from 12th April – 9th May.
Your next direct debit payment will be taken on 1st May. This payment covers lessons that will be delivered 10th May – 31st May.
From there on, your direct debit payments will resume as normal from 1 June.

You will not be charged before this date so please do not amend any details with your bank.