About us

We are an award-winning charitable organisation that supports communities across Sussex, offering high quality and affordable fitness facilities.

Through a range of activities that are inclusive and accessible our mission is to inspire active lifestyles across all generations.

We have five principles that underpin everything we do.

Achieving excellence

Our staff are passionate about the services they provide and take pride in their position within the local community. They care about each and every individual that uses our service. All of our team are approachable, working with you to create a healthy lifestyle that makes change happen.


Business sustainability

Any surplus money is reinvested into benefits such as increasing employment, GP and wider health improvement initiatives and our facilities themselves. As we don’t have any shareholders we can continually invest in our services and locations to ensure that we’re sustainable whilst offering great value for money.


Customer choice

With a number of membership choices (corporate, junior & student, joint and single), there is a package for everyone. On top of this with eight centres across Sussex, we have a location and price that suits everyone. Whether you’re starting out on your healthy lifestyle journey or are seeking tweaks to your work/ life balance, we’re here to assist you.


Delivering to our community

We’re proud of looking after our community, it’s at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s a fitness class, exercise on referral from a healthcare practitioner or bespoke workplace training, there’s something for everyone.


Engaging with staff and partners

Community doesn’t end with our users. It extends to all of our staff and external partners. We invest in our staff, working with people that care as much about enabling healthy lifestyles as we do.

Above all we care. We are passionate about your health journey and take pride in helping you along the way. We are here for everyone in our community, helping you to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.