All of our centres have gym equipment available. Find information about equipment and personal training at Wave Leisure.

Cardio training

Cardio, CV (Cardiovascular training) and aerobic exercise are all common ways of referring to cardio training and focus on consistent movement that makes your heart and lungs work harder than they do at rest.

By using large muscle groups for a sustained period of time you will challenge your cardiorespiratory system which has many benefits including regulating weight, lower blood pressure, strengthen heart and lungs, improve sleep, boosts mood and strengthens immune system.

Our cardio equipment

Provided by Life Fitness we have a vast array of cardio equipment available at Lewes Leisure Centre, Seahaven Swim and Fitness Centre, Peacehaven Leisure Centre and Downs Leisure Centre..

  • Treadmills
  • Upright & recline bikes
  • Stair Mills
  • Cross trainers
  • Rowers.

Resistance & strength training

Often referred to as weight training, resistance training comes in many different forms. Ultimately, it’s any exercise whereby you push, pull or lift against a form of resistance. The resistance can be provided by many means such as bands, dumbbells, weighted barbells, kettlebells or any other external form of resistance.

The benefits of resistance training are endless and where possible should always be included in an exercise program. You’ll decrease the risk of heart disease, decrease blood pressure, lower body fat, increase bone density and is the most effective way of shaping your body.

Our resistance equipment

Our large variety of pin selector weights machines are provided by Life Fitness, available at Lewes Leisure Centre, Seahaven Swim and Fitness Centre, Peacehaven Leisure Centre and Downs Leisure Centre, to include;

  • Chest Press
  • Seated Rower
  • Leg Press
  • Leg Extension
  • Shoulder Press and a whole host of other machines to cover all muscle groups.

Free weights

Free weights are a form of resistance training that doesn’t limit the range of motion you can use when performing exercises, think dumbbells, barbells, plates, and bands.

These pieces of kit are not fixed and therefore offer greater benefits, especially in mimicking natural movements and because you are not limited in how you move this can be fantastic in assisting exercisers to become stronger for activities in everyday life.

Our free weights

With racks of dumbbells in a wide selection of weights, barbells, plates, resistance bands, kettlebells, viper bars, core bags and more, here at Wave we have an extensive free weight offering. Free weights are available at Lewes Leisure Centre, Seahaven Swim and Fitness Centre, Peacehaven Leisure Centre and Downs Leisure Centre.

Functional training

Getting fit for everyday life. Most functional fitness contains multi joint movements to build strength and improve range of motion in areas such as hips, knees, and shoulders for the most important type of fitness, everyday life . By mimicking daily activities using equipment like battle ropes, slam balls, TRX, Sleds and Kettlebells you’ll be pushing, pulling, squatting, and twisting to a fitter version of you.

Our functional training areas

We have designated functional training areas at both Downs Leisure Centre in Seaford and Lewes Leisure Centre. These open plan areas are ideal spaces to give functional training a try. With access to kettlebells, sleds, slam balls, TRX, boxing bags, viper bars and plyo boxes and with our new Functional Fit classes running, you’ll learn how to use these amazing pieces of kit and get maximum