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Running for 8 weeks, from Monday 1st July 2024 – Sunday 25th August 2024.

If you have a Myzone product prior to 1 July 2024 that is registered with a Wave Active site, you will automatically be entered into the challenge. If you purchase a Myzone product after July 1st, please speak to a Wave Active team member to be entered.

All you must do to enter the prize draw is to exceed 300 MEPS in one week!

Each week the challenge re-starts, and for every completed week of hitting your 300 MEPS you earn an entry to the prize draw.

You do not have to complete all 8 weeks to have a chance of winning.

That means you can enter once, twice, or 8 times… to increase your chances of winning the grand prize of ONE MONTH FREE WAVE ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP!

Read the Full Terms and Conditions for the challenge HERE

What is a MEP ?

MEP stands for Myzone Effort Points, and it’s the metric by which everything is measured in the fitness tracking system. MEPS are earned by exercising in your target heart rate zones over a period of time. The more effort you put into each of your workouts, the more MEPS you earn!

Myzone colours included, Dark Grey Green, Blue, Yellow and Red (no light greys count towards the challenge) See picture;

What is Myzone?

Myzone is an accurate fitness tracker and online social platform that rewards effort for all physical activity, helping more people around the world to feel good about exercise.

It is an innovative, wearable, heart rate-based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. It monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising in real time and converts that into Myzone Effort Points (MEP’s).

It uses a game-based platform and social experience that rewards effort, not fitness, motivating users to reach their personal bests.

Benefits of Myzone

  • It is highly successful due to 99.4% EKG accuracy.

  • It is the world’s first interchangeable heart rate monitor that you can wear on your chest, arm or wrist. (MZ - Switch)

  • The MZ-Switch can be worn in the water and features a light indicator which allows you to see which zone you’re in without breaking your flow.

  • You can view your effort in real time on your smartphone or Club TV.

  • It connects to 3rd party equipment and other wearable devices to maximise versatility (e.g. Apple Watch, Strava, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal and more)

  • You earn points, gain status ranking, and compete with friends.

  • The social app features allow engagement and motivation both in and out of your local centre, helping your community flourish.

  • It connects to your favourite cardio gym equipment and bike computers.

Myzone App

Optimise your training with the user-friendly and intuitive Myzone app and unlock all its amazing features. See your physical statistics, MEPs, heart rate and calorie burn on your in-app Myzone effort tile, wherever you choose to work out. The app allows you to see real-time feedback during each workout so you can see your results anytime, anywhere. The Myzone holds 16-30 hours of storage data, so if you are away from your mobile device, you can still connect and review your workout later. Also you can set yourself your own personal MEP or kcal goal challenges with this motivating app goals feature.

Having a social network keeps you motivated and accountable. Myzone statistics show that people with 3 or more connections on the Myzone App, are 62% more likely to hit their fitness goals. The Myzone app is the ideal place to connect with friends, share your workouts, reveal your exercise history, set and participate in challenges and more!

Find your squad and connect with your class pals! You are able to see their progress in your feed and give each other props and motivation for progress. Define your own Myzone community by connecting with your trainer, friends, team or message one-to-one with friends in private group chats.




M-3 And MZ-Switch Product Features

Both the MZ-Switch and MZ-3 are available for purchase. Other than the price, what is the difference between the two? See our product comparison chart below to decide what device is best you and your fitness journey.

Chest strap Yes  Yes
Arm/Wrist Yes No
Memory Yes - 36 Hours Yes - Approx. 16 hours
Beep on/off Yes Yes
Hand-up Display Yes - raise your wrist to see which zone you are in. No
Rechargeable Battery Yes (Up to 140 hours when exclusively worn on the chest; up to 40 hours when exclusively worn on the wrist) Yes (Approx. 6 months).
Low Battery Notification Orange Light on Module; in-app pop-up. Refer to the workout tile in the app for charge level any time. In-app pop up. Refer to the workout tile in the app for charge level any time.

Waterproof  Yes (up to 10 meters). Yes (up to 10 meters).
Swim friendly Yes  No
HRM Optic Blood Flow for wrist and Forearm; EKG when on the chest  EKG only
Bluetooth  Yes - Bluetooth 5.0 which has 3 distinct differences to 4.0.
1. It’s twice as fast to pair.
2. 4 x range (4.0 is 10 metres indoor, 5.0 is 40 metres indoor or 200 metres line of sight).
3. 8 x data transfer speed.
Yes - Bluetooth 4.0.
ANT+ Yes Yes
Analog No Yes
Strap Colour Options  Red chest strap only. Arm/wrist color options as below:
• Aqua (Swimming Pool) • Grey (Twilight)
• Purple (Violet) • Black (Midnight)
• Orange (Sunset) • Khaki Green (Forest Run)
Red only.

How to Wear your Myzone.

Have you just got your first Myzone? Watch the instructional video below to show you how to get started and ensure that you are wearing your device correctly.


If you are interested in purchasing a Myzone, as a Wave Active member, you can get £10 off!

Simply present your exclusive member voucher to any team member at the following sites;

  • Downs Leisure Centre, Seaford                   
  • Lewes Leisure Centre                                     
  • Peacehaven Leisure Centre
  • Seahaven Swim and Fitness Centre, Newhaven

Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and conditions apply.

  • Offer is a Myzone series 3 belt and Myzone Switch only.

  • Offer applies to Max and Flexible Memberships paying monthly by direct debit and pre-paid annual members only.

  • Any technical issues with the Myzone products, as always, are to be reported to Myzone help@myzone.comor via the app.

  • For full Myzone T&Cs please visit

  • This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.