In partnership with Old School Medical Practice in Seaford, Wave Active are delivering a 12 week supported course to help prevent the need of medication, such as Statins, to lower cholesterol levels. The Cholesterol Crusher course  is exclusive to  patients from Old School Medical Practice who have been identified as having raised cholesterol levels and currently do not require medication but participation in this new course could help to prevent the need for cholesterol reducing medication in the future.

The Cholesterol Crusher Course  will help to provide support around making changes to your lifestyle, including physical activity, and increasing knowledge to make informed decision for your health improvement, specifically focused on the impacts of lifestyle on cholesterol.

Health Improvement Services with Wave have been created to inspire and support those with health conditions to have more active lifestyles in an environment which supports needs, abilities and seeks to make physical and mental health improvements for the individual. Working with our Health Improvement Practitioners, each week you will be provided advice, information and guidance around food, activity and lifestyle which will support healthy life style decisions as well as opportunities to participate in exclusive physical activity session which will introduce participants into regular activity. 

This course will run over a period of 12 weeks, starting on Tuesday 16th May at Downs Leisure Centre in Seaford, from (TIME TBC).

If you have been contacted by your doctor to participate in this course, please reply to the message you have been sent and a member of our team will be in touch to help start you on your journey to crush your cholesterol levels.

Check out the timetable below to find out more about what will be covered during this course.