Wave Impact Report

In our annual Impact Report you can read stories about the human impact of the work we do, from Special Educational Needs and Disabilities sessions and getting young people moving more to activities for older people in rural communities.

"2018/19 has been a year of investment, embracing opportunities for growth whilst remaining true to our Purpose; 'Inspiring Active Lifestyles' and Vision;  'To be at the heart of the improvement of health and wellbeing in our community'," says Duncan Kerr, Wave CEO.

Our impact in local communities throughout 2018/19 includes:

  • Participation levels across the Lewes District sites (excluding Sky High Trampoline Park) were at 1,057,999
  • 34% of these participations were from Children and Young People
  • Dry side participation has increased by 38,646 (5.4%) in comparison to 2017/18
  • Older People Targeted Activity saw 42,579 attendances, an increase of 12.5% over the prior year
  • 45% increase in participants on a GP referral pathway over the last year
  • More whole of family activities, resulting in 30,098 attendances 
  • Rural Engagement within Community Health Improvement Activity achieved 1,034 attendances in comparison to 762 in the prior year, an increase of 35.7%
  • 13,761 participants attended holiday activities

"In February 2019 we welcomed a new facility to our portfolio; Sky High Trampoline Park," says Duncan. "We were also delighted when Eastbourne Borough Council offered us a grant to use certain facilities and equipment, which would support a long-term project to provide improved leisure, sports and community services and support healthcare and wellbeing in Eastbourne."

In addition to increased participation and new locations, we've also worked on the promise of our 2017/18 Impact Report to be more conscious of our environmental impact. "It’s not just about our impact in our Communities, it’s also about keeping a close eye on our environmental impact and we continue to be free from plastic bags, water cups, straws, stirrers and cutlery at Café Wave at Downs Leisure Centre in Seaford. In addition, in line with the bold statement we made in last year’s Impact Report, we have removed takeaway coffee cups entirely from Café Wave, saving an estimated 42,000 from going to landfill," continues Duncan.

Read more about the work we do and the human impact of Wave in our 2018/19 Impact Report

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