Wave Swim School Stage 10

 Stage 10 

1. Complete a set lasting 1600 metres (either 16 x 100 metres; 8 x 200 metres; 4 x 400 metres) on a specific timed turn around set by the teacher (e.g. 2.30 minutes for 100 metres; 5.30 minutes for 200 metres; 12 minutes for 400 metres)

2. Swim 1500 metres continuously using one stroke

3. Perform a continuous 100 metres Individual Medley kick without using a kick board

4. Swim a continuous 200 metres Individual Medley using legal turns

5. Perform a 15 metres underwater butterfly kick on back or front in a streamlined position

6. Perform a front crawl relay take over - as an incoming swimmer

7. Perform a front crawl relay take over - as an outgoing swimmer

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