Wave Swim School Stage 7

To complete Wave Swim School Stage 7, the learner will need to: 

1. Push and glide and swim 25 metres backstroke*

2. Push and glide and swim 25 metres front crawl*

3. Push and glide and swim 25 metres breaststroke*

4. Push and glide and swim 25 metres butterfly*

5. Perform a movement sequence (linking skills with strokes and sculls) of one minute duration, in a group of three or more, incorporating a number of the following skills: 

Sculling: head first, feet first 

Rotation: forward or backward somersault, log roll 

Floating: star on the front or back, tuck float, create own 

Eggbeater: Moving, lifting one or both arms out of the water 

6. Perform a sitting dive or dive 

7. Push and glide and swim 50 metres continuously using one stroke*

8. Push and glide and swim 100 metres, using a minimum of three different strokes*

9. Tread water using eggbeater action for 30 seconds

10. Complete an obstacle course (using minimum of four objects) with feet off the pool floor throughout 

*performed to Swim England expected standards

Once they’ve completed this stage, learners will receive the Swim England Learn to Swim Stage 7 Award. They will also be ready to move on to Stage 8, or take part in our Rookie Lifeguard programme. This programme will teach skills to keep swimmers safe in all kinds of water based scenarios, whether that's in the pool or in the sea.

Talk to the Team

If you're ready to sign up or you've got a question about our swimming lessons, get in touch with the Wave Swim School Team at waveswimschool@waveleisure.co.uk or call your local pool:

When making an enquiry, please include the swimmer's age and ability (including any past swimming awards) as well as which site you would like them to learn at, as this will speed up the enquiry process.

You can find out more about our term lengths and payment options here - your child could get 50 swimming lessons for the price of 45 as well as free swimming outside of lessons!

older children at the edge of a swimming pool