Water Based Group Exercise Classes

We have water based exercise classes in Newhaven and Lewes.

Being in water makes you lighter but increases resistance against your body, so pool-based classes are great for an all-over workout with the benefit of lessened impact on your joints.

Please note, our water based classes are for those aged 14+. For all classes, we suggest wearing comfortable swimwear that you can move freely in and bringing along a water bottle. If it's your first time to the class don't worry, our classes are for all abilities so please work at whatever level is right for you. Let the instructor know it's your first time and they will help you get started.

Some of our water based classes include other elements of fitness. Use the key below to find the class that's right for you.

white heart on a blue background - Cardio
white dancer cartoon on a blue background - Dance         
white heart on a blue line - HIIT  
yoga icon on a blue background - Holistic    
white dumbells on a blue background - Strength and Core
 - Water Based


A full body, low impact workout designed to challenge you whilst being kind to joints. It's perfect if you're starting out on your fitness journey! You don't need to be able to swim. 14+

Aquafit is available in Lewes and Newhaven. See our swimming session timetables.

Ready to book?

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If you aren't a member, please contact the site you would like to book a class at to book your space. 

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